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Bakken Product Markets & Takeaway Capacity 2013

The production and profit potential of the Bakken is undisputed with a 2012 completed well generating an average of $22 million net profit over a 29 year life span and overall Bakken production set to overtake Opec giant Iraq by 2020.

But this incredible production needs marketed and so far, production is still outstripping the midstream capacity needed to take it from the wellhead to destination, and as such, barrel discounting remains common. To leverage this valuable resource, the immediate and long term, growth of takeaway processing capacity and the identification of optimal end user markets is vital.

To ensure Bakken takeaway capacity evolves to meet E&P demand, it is imperative for midstream players to expand their throughput capacities to ensure that premium and arbitrage market opportunities are located and the highest net back is received for crude.

Bakken Product Markets & Takeaway Capacity 2013 provides a platform for leading E&P and Midstream operators to drive forward cost effective short and long term solutions to ensure crude, natural gas and NGL commodities reach optimal markets at the highest net back. The conference will host over twenty executive speakers from E&P companies, pipeline operators and rail carriers to provide innovative and usable marketing solutions detailing both the current takeaway infrastructure and future expansion plans based on capacity, location, when it will be online and what markets it will reach to ensure commodity achieves a high and sustainable price.


Bakken Product Markets and Takeaway Capacity has been re-researched and re-developed this year to....

... reflect the changes and industry developments that have taken place throughout 2012. In 2013, CEO, VP and Director level speakers from powerful E&P and Midstream companies across the Bakken will present on their latest marketing solutions, production expectations and infrastructure plans to open up new marketing options, prevent wellhead discounting associated with production oversupply and ultimately maximize net profit on Bakken crude, natural gas and NGLs.

The mission of the congress is to ensure future takeaway infrastructure supply is synchronized with production volumes to ensure rail and pipeline takeaway capacity can reach optimal volume throughput and that product can consistently be taken to optimally priced markets.

Brand New Agenda Content For The 2013 Congress Includes:

  • COMBINING PIPE & RAIL : This year will not only asses pipe and rail in isolation but will evaluate the cost feasibility of combining pipe and rail infrastructure to access desirable markets
  • LOADING & OFFLOADING : Looking specifically at not simply the latest rail and pipeline project updates but also the locations at which they can be accessed and which markets they reach
  • RAIL LONGEVITY : Assessing rail now, but also in the future to determine how rail will fare as a cost-effective transport method when the pipelines come into place
  • PRODUCTION FORECASTS : Hearing from the operators on what they are doing to generate commodity and what Bakken production curves will look like in the coming years
  • GAS FLARING ALTERNATIVES : This year, alternatives to gas flaring will be assessed in the forms of both in-field gas gathering for marketing at profit and evaluating the option of converting gas onsite as a power source  
  • GAS FLARING LEGISLATION : There will also be a detailed break down of gas flaring legislation to allow efficient planning for economic and timely response to new EPA regulation

The Conference Will Also Deliver The Following Updates

  • MARKETS AND PRICING: Pinpointing optimal crude locations in relation to pricing and refinery capacity to ensure Bakken Crude reaches premium priced markets
  • RAIL INFRASTRUCTURE CAPABILITIES : Evaluating the capacity of rail cars and loading and unloading sites to assess the possibility of using rail to access higher priced markets
  • INTERSTATE AND IN-FIELD PIPELINES : Evaluating the latest plans for in-field and interstate pipelines and terminals based on capacity, tariffs, markets accessed and when they will be available to use
  • PRODUCTION RATES: Providing production estimates for specific areas in the Bakken to identify areas of increased midstream infrastructure demand


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